New Black Goldfish in my Pond 2014

PJrocksAugust 17, 2014

My 200 gals. pond was installed in 2008 by a friend of mine. I knew nothing about fish, aquarium, ponds, filters, bubblers, etc... Someone threw 3 minnow goldfish in my pond.

Three 1/2 years ago I got my first aquarium, and I learned quickly by reading blogs about anything to do with fish tanks. You know how that goes. I have 3 fish tanks. My first goldfish was a lion goldfish, Pasqualine (now 4). She spends Winters indoors and her Summers with the other 3 regular goldfish (Minny, Miny & Moe) who spend their lives in the pond year around. In the middle of July this year, I discovered a small female frog had moved in, so I kept a close new eye on my pond and to my surprise saw a black goldfish 3" long. I have included a photo here. I name all my animals. He's now known as "Black Jack". He's at about 2 o'clock swimming over a pale grey slate at the bottom of the pond.

I went on line to research this and found out his color doesn't have to remain black only if I want it to and do nothing. Why have fish I can't see? I proceeded to spread some pale pebbles from the pet shop on the bottom of my pond about 2 weeks ago, and lo and behold he's now black with orange spots like a Dalmatian. He's less wild - he acts more like one of the guys. Comes right up to get fed alongside his parents who are between 6-8 inches in length themselves. So cute to see.

They are pampered. Spotlight remains on til 10 in the evenings, and they frolic near the surface. Morning and evening they get fed. Morning: cooked/shelled green peas, cooked cucumber (finally chopped), alternately frozen worms, shrimp & beef hearts. Evening: Same veggies again with soaked goldfish pellets.

Pond has a filter that runs 190GPH and another 400GPH pump that runs a strong stream from an antique hand pump which in turn streams into a bowl which spills into grey slates below. The result is an enchanted sound effect which is zen like right next to my deck where I sit several times a day when I am not either working or puttering around my potager.

My pond is only 19" deep, but with the filter and bubbler running all Winter long, my fish are vigorous again once the Spring comes around.

It was so consistently cold this past Winter that one of my neighbors with a much deeper/larger pond lost all his fish. His pond is on a hill open to the element and unprotected. Mine is on the south side of my house and away from strong winds. Turns out, location is important. I felt sooo bad his 7 year old fish died. He had to start over with new minnows again.

My frogs and my black goldfish are a new experience this year. Has anyone experienced black goldfish in their pond?

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This system will not allow me to post a photo after. It's said to be too heavy to load.

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I had noted several of my goldfish start out black but they changed color within six months. However, I had one that remained black for a year and a half before becoming gold.

You probably need to find a method to compress your photo. I had assumed that gardenweb did it for us, but I have had other sites that don't compress and it is up to the user.

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Hi chas045,
From the size of "Black Jack", I am guessing he's at least a year old now from what his parents used to be like. He must have been there all along, but the liner being black, I just never saw him before.

I'll try and see about compressing the photo file, as you suggested.

I have a dilemma with my lion fish, Pasqualine. She's 9" long and way too big for her aquarium. One of the local pet shops I go to has an indoor pond. I'll see, if they'll take her for the Winter for a minimal fee as room and board. She loves spending her Summers in my pond with the other regular goldfish. I would hate to give her away. When I first got her, she was the size of my thumb and only 2" long.

Thanks for stopping by today,

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Black Jack is parallel to its orange parent. We see mostly his tail here. He was sucking on the pond wall. He moves very quickly, and it's hard to take a real clear photo of him.

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My 200 gallon pond. Sorry the photos aren't clearer than this. Because of the setting on this website, I changed my setting on my camera in order to download photos.

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