Shrimp Plants - How to harvest the seed

blessed_garden(8)June 2, 2010

Hi all, the little house I bought has a great amount of shrimp plants in the front borders. I would like to be able to harvest the seeds for exchanges/swaps. I looked on the net to see how/when/where to collect the seeds for shrimp plants.. but have not been able to locate any info! Anyone who can assist me with info, I would be greatly appreciative! Thank You.

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Which Shrimp Plant? I'll assume you're talking about 'Pride of Gibraltar' or Blue Shrimp Plant. If not, disregard and tell us which you mean :)

These are really one of the easiest plants to harvest seed from since they pretty much fall right onto the ground when ready and are easy to see - just pick them up.
A pod will form where each bloom is and will open when the seeds are ready. They'll be ball shaped, large and black. Just keep checking them and it'll be pretty obvious where they are. Just tip the pod into the palm of your hand and they'll fall right out.

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Hi Sewobsessed,

Thanks for the response. No, it is not blue.. but looks similar other than color. I assume the same applies?


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This is the plant I am referring to. Thank you.

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They are very easy to take cuttings from. Make sure you have 4 or 5 nodes with all but top leaves removed and place in a see-through disposable drinking cup filled to the top with perlite. Dip end in rooting hormone, wrap in damp unmilled sphagnum and push into perlite, leaving only the top node above. Place in shallow tray, water well and keep perlite moist. You'll have to bring yours inside this time of year. Place in sunny window, and within a few weeks you'll see it perk up and begin to grow. :)

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Thanks for the tips and growing from cuttings. Is it possible(and if so how) to grow and collect seeds from this plant to share with others via mail? Thank You

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