Water Plants from Lowe's - would you buy them?

jpinard(z5 MI)August 12, 2008

Lowe's has some water plants on clearence and I'm wondering if they're safe for my pond & bog? We usually only get stuff from one pond place, but these Iris's are in great shape and are inexpensive.


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It is hit or miss. I've had 2 lilly plants overwinter 2 winters and are doing great. Lots of flowers, nice looking.

I had one Iris also overwinter and finally flower this spring.

One mini-cat tail also has done nicely.

Those are the ones that lived. I've had 2 other plants from lowes die.

I'd buy them if they are cheap. I'm pretty sure they have a warrenty on them anyway. Save your receipt, and if they die, replace them in the spring.

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Last summer Lowes put their water plants at 90% off clearance. I bought 30 plants for $15. It was just the right place at the right time.LOL I usually miss the sales.

I made a holding place for them in a Kiddie pool.I spent about 2 weekends potting everything and placing them in the pond.
All have done well. I only bought plants that did not look dried up and were still in water.

One of the water lilies was a Mayla which is a gorgeous hot pink and I also bought pale pink ones.

I found it a great way to fill in the bare spaces in my pond.

So far, this year, the cheapest the water plants have been is 50% off. This year, Our Lowes bought less stock than last year.

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catherinet(5 IN)

I'm assuming you're talking about the plants they have in water? The ones that are prepackaged and you can't see the plant are probably not good by now, but the other ones, I wouldn't hesitate in buying.

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Your Lowes has water plants left???? My Lowes (2 within 5 miles) have both been sold out since um ................ the beginnning of June. WTH!!

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jpinard(z5 MI)

I was afraid of parasites or diseases being carried with them.

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My Lowe's in Parkersburg WV at least at Southside was sold out last week when I checked..I bought 5 plants from them...Water Iris..2 different Lotus..some kind of palm plant..horsetail rush...and some other flower that the fish got a hold of and destroyed...and some miniature water hyacinth...mine are doing fine except for the floater..but the water lettuce I have doesn't look good either...I would buy them if they were on sale...every where else they want a fortune for those puppies....cya...Dave

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jpinard(z5 MI)

Thanks for the advice! We picked up two iris's, a horsetail rush, and two lily's for like $15 on clearence. Good deal!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Lotus!? I'm going to go to Huntington next year, maybe for a Marshall game and I'll be sure to stop in Parkersburg. I can't get a lotus under $40.00 here. Maybe I'll just drop DH off at the game and I'll spend the day shopping. Sandy

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Sandy....Scott's Landscaping (Vienna WV)has them right now for 9.99 a plant...lmao @DH...Lowe's in Pburg usually has the water plants from May until the end of June or Middle to end of July...If you're going to a football game that would be too late....Marlow's Fishery outside of Belpre OHIO..you can google them for their website..they sell the plants for 22.95 I think...plus they have large koi....Dave

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