Will heavy rains hurt my new seeds???

bosewichte(7a/8b)June 10, 2009

Just planted 3 big container gardens yesterday - herbs and veggies - most of the seeds very tiny and only covered with 1/4 inch soil. We got torrential rain last night and it's supposed to pour later today. I have "all right" drainage - an inch or so of rocks at the bottom - but worried that heavy rains would expose/ruin seeds. Has anyone had this experience with newly-planted seeds?


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I like to plant right before the rains come in, thats just a personal prefrence though. Spring time I am running around like a mad person trying to get it all done before the rain hits I hate dragging the water hose around.

Most seeds that are very tiny I normally just surface sow. In other words toss them in the bed somewhere and dont worry about covering them.

One problem I would see from the rain is and I have had this happen. After I have surfaced sowed my seeds would get carried to another spot after the rains. I sometimes find them under some of my bigger plants or around the borders of my gardens. Of course I dont find them till they are already sprouting their little heads.

Granted I do not know what kind of seeds you planted but I think your main problem may be your sowing depth. Some may disagree with me here, but I always plant my seeds according to size. I never plant my seeds any deeper than the seed is wide. Thats just my general rule of thumb that works well for me. Anywho good luck to ya!!!

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That's what I'm afraid of...the seeds pooling in one big spot. Fingers crossed!

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Once they sprout and get bout 2 inches or so you can always thin them out.

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raehelen(USDA 7-8)

Too late now, cuz you've already had your rainfall, but I would have tipped a seed flat/s over the seeds to help dissipate the rain. I do that when reseeding small areas of grass- helps keep it cool, keeps birds and other pests from pecking at the seed, etc.

P.S. Newest research dispels the old theory of putting rocks into the bottom of your pots. Now, they say best thing is to keep the same medium throughout your pot.

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Just an update...they seem to be growing nice and evenly as planted despite many episodes of torrential rain!

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