Growing Black Oil Sunflowers

HypochondriacJune 13, 2014

I'm trying to grow black oil sunflowers. I need some help. Completely new to growing.

I placed seeds in peat pellets. Placed a few under the dome of the box they came in. Placed another in a ziplock bag near a heating source. The one in the ziplock has germinated. Picture attached.

Now what do i do? several sites suggest different things. Some state i should keep it in the bag until it grows more, others suggest add potting soil to the bag and place the pellet in that. one also mentioned placing it in the garden as is.

Rather then use fertilizer can i use coffee grounds in the soil?

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If I were back there (Branford) I'd have the seeds directly in the ground now. If weather was getting in the way of all that I'd germinate in the peat pellets. If weather was STILL in the way I'd put the pellets in cups with dirt once the roots started to get aggressive as the peat has no real nutritive value.

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Thanks, so your advice is to place the seeds and the pellet in the soil? Do I completely cover the pellet and germinated seed? Or should I leave the green part that's sprouting exposed?

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Wait for leaves and don't bury them. Sunflowers tend to be leggy but only bury the (pellets and) roots.

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