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alameda/zone 8February 4, 2012

I stopped by Lowe's today - to my surprise and delight, they had a group of roses by "My Bouquet" - they were several Mini Flora roses - Flawless, Deja Blu, Ambiance, Powerhouse, Double Take and I think First Impression [not sure about this one, a yellow]. I bought Flawless, Deja Blu, Powerhouse and Ambiance. Has anyone grown these and can you give me any information about them? Its been a long time since I have seen anything other than the common "body bag" roses there and was excited to find something different.


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Last summer I was able to get Cupcake and Nicola minis potted at Lowes. It was a nice surprise. Although i still feel guilty buying roses from them, I couldnt pass up the deal!


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First Impression is a rather good yellow floribunda bred by Jim Sproul of Bakersfield, CA. He's the gentleman who bred Honey Dijon, Thrive! and the Eyeconic Lemonade and Pink Lemonade series. First Impression looks quite interesting to me, though I haven't grown it yet. I have Eyeconic Lemonade and several of his Hulthemia seedlings, all of which I thoroughly enjoy.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim through Sequoia Nursery and Ralph Moore some years ago. He's a great person and a very talented breeder. I've linked the introduction to First Impression on Jim's rose blog. If you have any interest in breeding roses and/or viewing beautiful, unusual roses, browse this blog! He has raised some amazing looking roses! Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: First Impression introduction on Jim Sproul's rose blog

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alameda/zone 8

Kim, thanks for your information! Well, now I have to have First Impression! I will check with the Lowe's in my town, but got this in a town about 45 minutes from where I live. NOT too far to go get a rose!! I have found that these 2 Lowe's stores dont always carry the same thing. I have a friend who practically has nothing but yellow roses in his garden and I will get one for him. Think I will get 2-3 for myself!

Also, Double Take was the other rose there that I didnt get - does anyone grow this and have an opinion on it? I may "need" this one too!

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Judith, I confess to having a Lowes / Home Depot garden addiction, despite knowing how politically incorrect it is. I have a 1 hour commute to work, and on my 2 possible routes to/from, are a total of 7 above stores, and 3 more if I go slightly out of my way. I know which ones have the better rose selections, and frequent each one about once a month (well, maybe more often...) during my commute.

After this strange behavior over the past 2 years, it's not that often I find a rose that I want that I don't have. BUT, it happens often enough that I'm like a lab rat pushing a food button. I thought I had the habit beat, but when I came upon what must have been an overstock somewhere of huge, gorgeous Mary Rose's in 5 gallon pots (in only 1 of the Lowes) last spring, I got hooked again.

In the past year I found: Dream Come True, Cherry Parfait, Dick Clark, Hot Cocoa, Cinco de Mayo, Scentimental, Ingrid Bergman, Strike it Rich, Pink Peace, Marti Gras and Livin Easy.

And sigh, my work is just a few blocks away from an Armstrong Garden Center and Navlets. Will the temptation ever end? Be careful! Karen

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alameda/zone 8

Karen, loved your comparison to a lab rat! Perfect! I dont even try to control myself - if I see something different that I want - I succumb. Last fall, I was in Walmart at just the right moment when they were unloading potted roses off the truck. They were simply gorgeous! I was helpless to resist: Oldtimer, New Year, Gingersnap, Medallion, America, Circus. A couple of these are hard to find - they are all in my most loved apricot range of color. I planted them together in a raised bed - they are SO healthy! I babied them more because they were from Walmart and subject to withering away and dying. But no - these things all have new leaves and are growing just great. I think its fun to see if I can get these box store roses to grow. And I am going back to the other town that has these Mini Floras [the bag says they are Flora Teas] and get a Double Take and a couple of the First Impression.

Sounds like you found some treasures too! I used to haunt Walmart stores in January because Certified Roses would sell them so many you cant find too many places - Colossus, John Sheldon's roses Hopi Girl, O'Rilla, Hollywood much fun to root thru all the pots and see what you could find. Now.....Wally doesnt buy from them anymore and I am still looking for an Electra...But I think its fun looking and when you come across the occasional find - paydirt! I love it! I am an equal opportunity rose addict!

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You guys are lucky. Our local Lowe's HD and Wally World have cut waaaay back on the bareroots and peat-potted roses. They always seem to have just the same old standbys, and occasionally some of the new ARS winners. Nothing cool and unusual.

A few yrs ago the Grocery Outlet store got in a humongous batch of unusual mixed Certified Roses bagged bareroots. I found NORTHERN GOLD, BLUE NILE, FRAGRANT LADY and I can't remember the rest. FL ended up dying on me, but the rest made it. I noticed this yr even the Grocery Outlet only got in one batch of peat potted roses and none of the bagged ones. Seems like a sign of the times.

I haven't tried the other stores this yr, and they may already have sold out whatever they got in by now. Up here they start coming in just before Xmas. I just don't have anymore room, so I've tried to stay away!!

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seil zone 6b MI

So jealous of all of you out West and down South! One, because you're getting roses in already and two, because your Lowes and Home Depots carry so many more varieties than they do up North. Up here we get the dreaded "red rose", "yellow rose", "pink rose", etc. and a few very old varieties in bags and that's about it. Oh, and Knock Outs of course!

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jktx55(8a TX)

Hello Judith, i just bought four rose bushs from Lowes last week. I hope there is nothing wrong with them. The bag that they were in read they were from Sexton in Tyler, Tx. Since they were from there I figured that would be good.

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alameda/zone 8

I think it was Kim [roseseek] that had a recent post about liking to buy bagged roses and see if he could get them to grow, his comments were interesting about the whacked off roots. I havent unbagged these roses yet so will probably have the same situation. The canes look good and a couple are leafing out. If I can soak them a bit and pot them up in good soil.....who knows, maybe they will grow some feeder roots and thrive. Its worth the gamble to me because its fun. If they die, well, my shroud isnt going to have pockets!

I have passed by Sexton roses on my way to Chamblees. Dont know that much about them - but what I would suggest is just pot them up in the best soil you can get, baby them and see what happens. I am going to the Lowe's in town this afternoon to see if they got any of the same roses - if not, I may just drive over to the other town and pick up the First Impression and Double Take.

Certified Roses had the nicest peat potted roses - good roots and canes. I was really sorry when cheapskate Walmart quit handling them. I dont know who they sell to know, Ace Hardware they told me once. Surely they sell to somebody around here as they have a big plant near Sextons! Good grief, you would think you could find someone who carried them! I think I am going to call them tomorrow and see what I can find out. NOT like I dont have roses coming from several vendors and have plenty to pot and plant.....I am the same way about daylilies. I bought a little body bag lily called Little Missy from Walmart yesterday. It was hybridized by a charming gentleman named J.L. Cruse who lived near me and I caught the daylily bug from him - he passed on several years ago. He has about 360 registered cultivars and it was neat to find one of his at Wally. It is soaking now...has good roots so I am hopeful it will survive.

Searching for roses is fun and entertaining this time of year....we wont be doing this in the heat of the summer, so I am having my fun now! Hope everyone can find some treasures - let us know if you do!

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jktx55(8a TX)

Thanks for the reply. Funny you should mention Certified Roses, I also bought four roses bareroots from Wal Mart and guess what they were from Certified Roses, Tyler, TX.
Your right these is a lot of fun.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

I'm jealous, too, seil. I'm out West (and up North), and it's been several years since I've seen any really interesting roses at a big box store. When I last saw some, it was in a store called Fred Meyer, and they were carrying the brand new to the market, Julia Child, a rose I really wanted. I purchased two and was thrilled at the cheap price. They were beautiful plants in pots. In they went on either side of the sidewalk leading to our front porch, probably the most prominent spot in that flower bed. It was crucial that they match and beckon the way to our yellow house. As they leafed out, I noticed the leaves were a little different on each plant, but I was busy, and it didn't register. But when the first buds arrived, and on one plant they were purple, I became a bit more attentive.I quickly deduced it was Wild Blue Yonder, also released by Weeks that year. In a panic, I ran around town, trying to find Julia, but it wasn't until I went to the next county that I found the last Julia in Idaho, I think, and paid dearly--about three times the cheap Julia. After some frantic transplanting, all turned out well, and now I can't tell which Julia was cheap and which cost a bundle. They are both beautiful. But I learned my lesson--things can be mislabeled. But I'll be checking the big boxes for some nice surprises, knowing that some of you have lucked out this year. Diane

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

Well Beth, I just stopped by the Home Depot down here for some other reason, and they had some roses that looked reasonably healthy (although bagged), that I'd never seen before, so I hot footed it home to look them up. Seems Coiner has a new batch of intros this year, and they are stocking them at Home Depot. Ended up with Jim Jimmy James, Orange Velvet, Party Hardy (Coiner version) and Flirty Girl. Don't give up -- these apparently just came in and our stores also usually are dumping all unsold bareroots by this time of year.

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We never get anything decent down here either, Seil. To top that off, my little local nursery where I could always get healthy beautiful roses on Fortuniana burned down a couple of weeks ago. They had no insurance.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Well...I ended up stopping by Lowes this afternoon here in Knoxville after I read your post (I needed some potting soil and perlite for some cuttings that I'm getting this week anyway...good excuse right?) They had gotten in their supply of body bag roses and I ended up with Deja Blue, Powerhouse, and Paradise. I really wanted Granada too, but the fiance was with me so I had to refrain...I may have to sneak back in a couple of days ...


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Maryl zone 7a

I happened upon a potted Flawless last spring at Lowes so I bought it. It had 3 rooted cuttings in it, one of which bit the dust but the other 2 are still growing. Flawless is a wonderful pink color with large blooms (about Floribunda size). The blooms open pretty quickly especially in our heat, but have nice form before that and hold a tad longer in the cooler weather....I also picked up Deja Blu last year via mail order. It's been slow to grow and the blooms while a nice size and color open quickly with sunken centers. It had its ratings posted in the recent RIR (7.4/7.5). Powerhouse, which I don't grow got very nice ratings. I like the color on HMF,but since I don't grow it can't tell you if it fades or not......Maryl

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