victim of damping off

JenamocrrJune 4, 2013

It appears that my bulls blood beet sprouts are becoming victims of "damping off", in my containers. Not all have succumbed yet, are the rest doomed to die? If they do all end up dying off, can I plant something else in that container?

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Hi, Dr. Allison Jack, soil scientist, did research in this area. It is known that some compost will block damping off, and vermicompost is very consistent in this. I use locally available leaf compost, or commercial garden centre worm casting enriched compost, and I use 15% compost in my growing mix, which supplies beneficial bacteria, that inhibit damping off, and I add in plenty of ground bark to make the mixture very porous, and prevents it from getting too wet, and composted Christmas trees, which is available locally free of charge, 20% peat moss, plus lime. I find this mix gives me zero problems with damping off. You can reuse the container, if you use compost mixed in, or sterilize the container and reuse with normal potting mix. Also, do not let the seedlings get too wet - should be just moist only.

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