Wisteria Seedlings in Al's Gritty Mix

Dave6802(5)June 14, 2013

I have two young seedlings that I have planted in Al's gritty mix - one Wisteria Sinensis and one W. Sinensis Alba. They are outside and have been very slow to get started. They currently have 3 -4 sets of leaves but seem to have stalled. They are in clay pots and I have just added a clay tray underneath to keep the moisture level a little higher. My question is will they thrive in the standard 1-1-1 gritty mix or should I add 15% peat to the mix to increase moisture retention.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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You are will want to transplant the seed to a soil mix close to your garden soil...
Reamber wisteria from seed will take about 5 years to flower...

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Do you intend to grow these in pots long-term, or are they intended to go in the ground at some point?

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I fail to see any reason why you cannot grow them in the gritty mix. I would water more often, not look for more retentive mix, which would negate the reason for using the gritty mix. Use a weak fertilizer such as half a teaspoon per gallon of Foliage Pro every time you water. In gritty mix it is easy to underwater, but almost impossible to over water. Al

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Thanks all for the comments. Here is a quick update.

I am planning to grow these as bonsai. I started from seeds and now have one each Wisteria Sinensis and W. Sinensis Alba growing. I know it will be years before they bloom, but think how exciting that day will be!

So - I have added a saucer under both to create some perched water. I read this suggestion at a bonsai forum and thought I would try it. It seems to be working, both seedlings are now growing well again. From what I have read they do not like to have dry feet, so this approach seemed to work best for me. I want to keep most of my bonsai in the basic 1-1-1 gritty mix as it works very well for my others. The only exceptions are my 3 giant sequoia trees. I planted them in the 1-1-1 mix with 15% peat moss by volume and no lime - they are growing exceptionally well.

As for the foliage pro, I shoot for 50 ppm nitrogen - 1/2 teaspoon per gallon is about 59 ppm and seems to be working well.

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