Boxwood green velvet

teeleeApril 8, 2008

Last fall I planted a bunch of this cultivar to replace 50 year old juniper bushes. Yesterday I bought 9 more to finish the job. Different nursery,but same cultivar. Here is my observation,and question: The new ones have (some) attractive yellow leaf edge and tips,and appear very healthy and hearty. Is this coloration normal for this cultivar,or could they be mis-labeled by the nursery from which they came? I like the variance,so this is not a complaint,but both are labeled Green Velvet.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

It is most likely to be new growth - if the nursery just got them in, from an area or under conditions that are warmer than your area, then they may be further along in their growth than your older ones. It is POSSIBLE that they are slightly different cultivars - I understand most boxwoods are grown from cuttings, and it may be that the one grower is using cuttings from a mis-labeled "mother plant", but it is much more likely to be the new growth - it is yellower than the old leaves, after all, but will settle down to a "normal" green as it grows.

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brian_zn_5_ks(N.E. Kansas)

I see this all the time, very common to get new Green Velvet stock with that yellow edging. The Oregon growers (who provide 100"s of thousands of this selection to the retail trade) don't really have an answer why it happens - sun, mineral content of water, nursery gnomes...

It will grow out of that coloration.


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I planted 8 green velvet boxwoods right next to a new installed sidewalk two years ago. Each year I have lost one, I'm guessing to the cold. I love my boxwoods. I have several green mountain ones that have done just fine, but I like the green velvet ones because they are low growers, which is why I picked them to be next to the sidewalk. I'd hate to abandon my original vision for the front of our house, any suggestions on what I can do to save them, and not have to replace one every year? We live in Southwestern Wisconsin next to La Crosse on the Minnesota border. we had some pretty cold extended periods over the past winter, but not sure if I would have lost one anyway. Help!

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