A Miniature Christmas Eve

gardeningmaryDecember 23, 2008

Here is my miniature scene of Christmas Eve. I included a Sharpie as a reference for scale. (A few family photos seem to have snuck in too)

I embroidered a needlepoint cushion in very fine gauge.

I made the stockings too. On the ottoman is a letter to Santa who has just finished eating the apple, drinking milk and wiping his mouth.

I love the way the light inside the firelogs make them glow. The quarter on the mantlepiece is for scale.

Of course I had to include a violin and I've been dying to incorporate the parrot into a scene. This turned out to be the perfect place for many of the little bits and bobs and doodads I've collected at garage sales and consignment shops.

Thanks for looking!


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If this is what you sacrificed your finger tip for - it was worth it.

Just great fun, the rug, the pillow, is that a kitty in front of fireplace in photos 1 and 2? Love the milk glass. I do have an urge to put a wreath on the outside of the window, but 'spose that might block the view. It's all wonderful, thanks for sharing Mary!

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It's a good thing that you sneak in "to scale" objects like the pen and the quarter, because the pictures come off as cozy paintings or photos - you'd never know they were miniatures.

Wonderful Mary!

I could see the birds reflection in the window, and I wondered for a moment if you had a cockatoo in the (big)house :)


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Mary, that is just terrific! I love that you really get into "thinking small", it's such fun to see what you put together.

I can picture you now, all alone on a picky cruise through a yard sale or in a junk shop looking for some small inspiration. What fun :) . And I'm with Saucy, I love it when you put in something easily recognizable to give a sense of scale.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Scale is so tricky because there are so many when it comes to doll houses etc. My sister needlepoints miniature rugs, pillows etc. I'm not sure what scale she uses.

It is all great fun! I have fat fingers though...:(

Beautiful work Mary!!!

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Mary you are so very talented!

Hope that finger isn't hurting too badly.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hah! I knew T was here somewhere - thanks for flushing her out, Mary!!!

Wonderful scene. I'm amazed at all the detail that you put into these scenes, and all the work.

Very, very cool.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Mary!!!! This is stupendous! How fabulous! you are truly amazing. What a wonderful project.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I was just showing your creation to DH and we are both shaking our heads at how amazing it is that you can do such small detail work. You must have such nimble hands and excellent eyesight to do all that Mary! Not to mention, I just love your taste. Pretty wallpaper, the pillow, the list, the violin and the parrot just all make it a delight. Thanks for sharing!

[Oh..did I tell you how much I enjoyed your felted mushroom for your Mom...wonderful!]


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary...That is priceless!! I cannot imagine working with such small items, my fingers are so clumsy.
It really does look like a photo of a lifesize room.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

OMG these are amazing! Your needlework - just everything, is perfect. Thanks for posting these.


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Cynthia - actually I love the idea of a wreath on the outside window. I sliced my finger cutting cardboard, I can't even claim it was for a worthy cause.

The animal in front of the fire is a dog of some kind. It is quite old, very heavy, and has rather ambivalent features. It came from the estate sale of a very old lady. I like to think she would like his new home:0)

Well, if making miniatures is what brings T out I'd better get busy on another. However, having spent a ridiculous amount of time working on the scene (all of it enjoyable) I should proably focus now on cleaning the house, preparing food and getting those Christmas (er... holiday) cards out.

By the way, I don't think my family quite "get" why I do this stuff. I'm glad you do.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Does our family 'get' most of what we do? LOL
That's part of the reason the Idylls are so special.
((Group holiday hug!))


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Mary, this level of craftsmanship brings to mind the expert miniature work from special effects departments pre-CGI movies, really astounding. I think your family must appreciate that the absorption such work requires soaks up all that stress that builds up from such a busy life, with such charming results. Wallpaper pattern really holds it all together. Bravo!

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Just plain WOW, Mary.


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I want to shrink myself down and sit in that chair by the fire. I even know how to play fiddle (er, violin).

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Finally got my promised timeout from hecticity to look at this - Mary, this is so truly special and I can only echo the other notes of amazement... what a special special talent and interest you have. I do find dollhouses amazing, but think your miniature scenes to be so much like a miniature museum -- I fantasize about you having an entire library with these amazing sets arranged as though in a curio shop. But it takes a special eye and talent to create these scenes and put them together so incredibly...

Thank you for sharing with us (and hey, I recognize those idyll relatives!!)...


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It's lovely Mary, How you ever needlepointed that small pillow I don't know. You must have very good eyesight. I like that you gave the eldery ladies mini dog a good home.
How did you get the sconce and fire place lighted? N

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Here is a full view of the little dog from the old lady. A Chihuahua perhaps?

Norma - special 12V bulbs and light fixtures are available from dollhouse and miniature suppliers, as are custom made transformers. Being a bit of a cheapskate I've found I can rewire transformers from small household appliances to work too. This one came from an old hair clipper. Not the recommended use but I haven't blown anyone up. Yet.

By the way, this was all done in 1:12 scale - one inch represents a foot.


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Mary, this is just so incredible! I keep going back and seeing another detail I missed. I can certainly understand why you love doing this. I'm amazed that you've found a way to rewire old household appliances as well. You certainly are a woman of many talents.

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So not only is Mary a seamstress,plumber,carpenter,and musician but an electrician as well ? Nicely done Mary. Such fascinating little world you have created !

Kathy in Napa

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Mary, your mini scene is amazing!

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