Sky Pencil

SayLuvApril 4, 2013

I have two sky pencils we purchased in the middle of the summer and have in pots on our 2nd level balcony. They are abotu 4 ft tall but have experience a lot of wind burn here in Chicago. The leaves are all dry and crunchy despite being wrapped in burlap. The sky pencils down the street have nice green leaves. I scratched some of the lower limbs and they are still green inside. Are these plants likely to survive? I paid $125 for each of them. If they do live how long will it take the leaves to come back?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if and when they leaf out.. the older.. uglier leaves will be swallowed into the interior.. and become less noticeable ... and once that all happens.. you might want to piddle around with some scissors.. and snip to the ones that are bugging your the worst ....

enough scratching for now.. give them some time..

most likely your balcony.. is much colder than street level.. so they may be way behind.. for said reason ... and no big deal ...

only time will tell ...


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Did you keep them well watered in a nice, porous, fast draining medium?

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thanks everyone. That's weird. I posted a f/u yesterday and it never showed up. Anyhow, I did not water them all winter. They only received water from rain on the warmer days. I think the pot and soil are porous and drains well. I gave each plant 1/2 gallon last week when it was above 50 out.

Should I take the burlap off the plants now? It is starting to reach into the 50s during the day here but down into the 20-30s at night still.

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