how to start nectarine tree

fuzzy158(7)June 26, 2008

I have saved the seeds from some nectarines I bought at the market. I am wondering if I can plant trees. Anyone out there know how/when to start them?

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Store seed at 40F for 12 weeks THEN Lightly cover soil temperature 65-70 taking 120-365 days for germination.
Tree will be slow to flower & produce fruit..... Fruit will not be exactly like the parent. so seedling used as root stock & graft a known tree to it...

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Thank you! I will put my seeds in the frige today, that would have me planting at the end of September. Does that seem a reasonable time to plant? I dont understand the last part of your post, following the ellipsis (...) Fruit will not be exactly like the parent? What might it be? Might I leave it alone to grow into whatever it will, or is that a bad idea? My sister in law knows how to graft trees, and has offered to show me, but is this necessary, and what benefits are there to grafting?

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