HELP my marigolds are growing too tall

ToshaLynn(9)June 25, 2012

Hello there,

I planted marigold seeds 2 months ago and now they are growing at a rapid rate. They are about 1.5ft to 2ft tall lol they look like they are racing to see who is gonna be the tallest!

Any tips on how to get them to stop grown up and get them start growing out (wider) I started them in a huge tub and transplanted most of them into the ground but ever since I put them in the ground they are becoming too tall.

any help is great!

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There are 2 types of marigolds (1) the African/American which is tall growing and (2) The French type which is shorter in height .....Plant the French Variety
Other causes is not enough light (SO move into full light).... OR to much fertilizer ...SO...(use water to leach the soil of the excess fertilizer)

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