Tomato from seed using Metal Halide

eurolarva(z4 MN)June 10, 2012

In the past I have used Fluorescent lighting however this year I bought a 400 watt metal halide system and used it in my laundry room. My basil and peppers did real well under this lighting but the tomatoes were weird. They were leggy and as they grew all of the bottom leaves slowly wilted and fell off. I did a new batch of seed starting with fluorescent and after transplant I switched to the Metal Halide and the same thing happened. I tried to keep the lights high enough so the plants never got about 75 degrees. Any suggestions for next year. I still managed to get results and my tomatoes look good outside but I would like to improve them next year. The tiny tims did real well but the sweet 100, rutgers ace 55 and the early girls all looked terrible using the metal halide.

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The amount of light produced by HID lamps is so much greater than the florescent you need a lot more distance from the plants. Mine I keep about 30 inches. Al

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