Help with Echinacea Varieties

dremusicmd(6)June 2, 2013

This question may totally label me as a novice but can all the really interesting Echinacea (Rasberry Truffle, Milkshake, FIrebird, Green Envy, etc) only be grown from root division? Was hoping to find some seeds of those varieties but I realize they are hybrids.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Echinacea may be propagated by seed or division, but hybrid cultivars will not come true from seed. If you find someone growing the plants who is willing to share seed, a percentage of the seedlings produced may have some of the characteristics you like in the parents, or its possible too that none of the seedlings may have them.

Add to that not all the hybrid echinacea will produce viable seed, a couple of the hybrids I've purchased did not set seed while I was growing those, one I know was E. Evan Saul, I don't know without looking it up which the other was...

Remember too that most of the new hybrids are patented, making their propagation illegal, although you won't end up 'doing time' for buying, then dividing your own plants for your own use ;)

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Thanks morz8! I didn't think about them being patented. No nursery near me grows the more exotic varities. I've heard a lot of horror stories about ordering mail-order live plants so I keep shying away from ordering anything but seeds. Could you recommend one that you have used in the past?


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I don't know what side of the country you are on to know if I would be recommending nurseries who would not charge you exorbitant shipping, but of those I've used (and I order only things more rare that I cannot find in person) and am confident in, in no special order:
Plant Delights Nursery
Lazy S's Farm
Digging Dog
Forest Farm
Greer Gardens
Cistus Nursery
Joy Creek Nursery
You'll find excellent packaging and quality plants with any of the above, but again, you'll pay for it too so make sure your order will compare favorably with a tank of gas, a weekend morning drive to someplace you can go 'nursery hopping'.

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