When to plant my avocado seed?

leuconoeJune 16, 2014

I've been growing an avocado seed in a glass of water for months now (I'm in Newfoundland, Canada, so growing outside isn't an option for this one and light has been limited). I'm worried this guy is about to break in half, but I've read you should plant when the sprout is several inches high. The sprout is trying to fight his way up, and splitting the seed, and the root is longer than my finger now. I'm also a bit worried about the growth around the sprout that you can see in the picture. Should I plant it? Cover it all the way? I'm new at this. Thanks!

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Is that the sprout or the root in the picture? I don't know what the growth is, but I think you could plant it with the sprout facing upwards and the seed partially buried, in a regular container.

There's lots of vids for this on youtube...

I haven't had luck getting the seeds to sprout in the past, and am trying again myself. Kudos to you for sticking it out with this one :)

As for the bumpy growth - that looks like pickle relish - how did you have the seed positioned? Was it completely under water or partially wet? I've also never seen such a yellowy green, er, avocado-colored seed like that! Curious.

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