Need shrub (or small tree) suggestions please

maries1120April 18, 2013

We lost a crabapple tree in a planted area around a light post. It hung over the sidewalk and dropped little fruit that we had to keep the dog from eating. I can expand the area a little but ideal shrub would be 6-8 feet wide by 10-12 high. If a small tree 10 ft wide would be ok. We would be willing to prune. It would also not drop anything other than leaves and flower petals and be relatively low maintenance. Thought about snowball viburnum but might get too wide. Other considerations have been a small magnolia tree or hydrangea (Kyushu, Quick Fire). Or small magnolia tree like Jane. The area is at the outer edge of a big tree so will not get full sun in the morning but will in the afternoon. Soil has not been tested but is most likely more alkaline than acid.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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pagoda dogwood? mountain ash? either might be suitable for you

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Emerald ash borer identified in the area and already have 1 ash that I need to worry about.

I'll check out the pagoda dogwood though. Thanks.

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There are several dwarf crabapple varieties. Look for one that is scab resistant.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

maries1120 - despite the name, Mountain Ash is not a true Ash (Fraxinus), it is a Sorbus, so EAB would not affect it. Search under Sorbus and you will see there is a wide variety of species and cultivars. But I don't know whether they would be suitable for your region.

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