Help with sunflowers

hood4uJune 6, 2013

I am trying to grow some sunflowers along my fence line in my yard. I was going to do two different plantings so i could have extended bloom time later this summer but, either a squirrel or bunny had other ideas and ate every one of my first group. dug them right out of the ground.

i started them using the paper towel in the plastic bag technique and then into the ground. which seemed to work as the root began to grow but, i cant know for sure since they were gone within a couple of days.

anyway, this time i started them the same way but then i put them in the plastic trays my annuals came in with some soil and now i have 3-4 inch sunflowers growing. my question is when will they be big enough that i don't have to worry about them being eaten outside? I don't know when they are big enough that the animals won't be interested. Also, when i do plant them outside would it be bad to bury the stem a little for better support?

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thinman(Z5 MI)

You can just seed the sunflower seeds directly in the ground and cover them with floating row cover. This has worked well for me to keep bugs, birds, rabbits, and deer from eating many of my sunflowers. The row cover can be left on until the plants get nearly a foot tall. At that point deer will still eat the leaves, but they seem to be safe from smaller critters. Something will occasionally get under the row cover and do some damage, but most of my plants make it.


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Mine were eaten last year by deer. I put a fishing line fence around them to no avail.

This year they are inside the fenced vegetable garden and are growing strong - in fact providing shade where shade is not wanted. I am growing the Mammoth kind - 8 feet is the max height.

Interesting plants.

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mommomsgarden(6/Jersey Girl!)

Mine are actually growing awesome. I am very new to this and just sprinkled some seeds in a patch if soil back in April. Sunflowers have actually been the easiest for me!! Little maintenance.

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