Wish I could take credit

MKMarch 30, 2014

For this beautiful sample of my rose, but for some reason this year, without benefit of ample rainfall, these roses are spectacular! I've had this rose for perhaps 5 years, propagated because of the wonderful fragrance and unfortunately I have no idea of its identity. But this is the best this has ever looked, and my are they large blooms! Is this the way of roses: it takes them a number of years to get going?

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Enough water, milder temps for a longer period will produce some amazing blooms. Portland Oregon has always been known for how beautifully they flower there. Most will produce more spectacular flowers as they mature. It makes sense. From floral research done in the seventies, it was found to require about 35 perfect leaves to make one perfect flower. The larger the root system; the greater the foliage mass; the more nutrient reserve in more wood, the greater the flower production. Many will give decent flowers before they mature. Some won't do diddly until they do. Home and Family is advertised as being one which doesn't perform as expected until about its third year. Once you know why they make great blooms, you know what it takes and how long it can take. The flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Kim

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seil zone 6b MI

They are gorgeous! You can take some of the credit. You propagated it and nurtured it for 5 years!

From the look of it and your description of the strong fragrance my guess would be that it's Angel Face.

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Looks like HEIRLOOM to me.

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Check out his photo I found on web for Heirloom Rose, someone in generic rose forum suggested this. Seems very close. Angel face is described as fruity and my rose's fragrance is quite dusky.

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