Meet Gingersnap Marigold

drema_dianne(z6OH)December 3, 2009

Monday we got a new puppy and I thought you guys would like to see her. Her name is Gingersnap Marigold, named after the first Golden Retriever we had years ago. She is a sweetie pie. I had thought of getting a Bernese Mountain Dog,they are supposed to be great protectors, but great with kids, and sometimes I get scared when Skip is out of town, but we have had great luck with these guys, so Skip wanted to stick with them. Maggie is our 12 year old dog, she is helping train Ginger. The house training is going very well, but boy you have to watch them every second, she is finding things on my floor that I didn't know was there. Pieces of string, paper, birthday candles from last week. I am going to become a fabu house cleaner (probably not).

Maggie- couldn't get her to smile today... she is thinking hey, I am way too old for that....

Both together

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Boy I should have known I couldn't post pictures and make any sense. Please know that I realize my run on sentence should have commas, periods, and possibly a new paragraph, and please mentally correct my misuse of "finding things on the floor that I didn't know WERE there." I am usually not that bad. Comes from editing and re-editing my comments, lol. Hope you all enjoy the pics. I have some other ones of Santa arriving on an icebreaker to post in the next couple of days....

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Absolutely adorable...all the better to make you think she won't have to be trained. But TRAIN HER. Having Maggie is a great help, but still, make time to do work with her. Follow some Chelone rules! Usually Goldens are eager to please their masters, but lately I've come across a few who are feisty and disobedient. She'll be very easy to love, I can tell!

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Ah Drema, she's beautiful ! I think you made the right choice...don't Bernese Mtn Dogs drool ? I would have a hard time with that..guess I'm a drool-o-phobe.

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Such a cute pair! Puppies grow up to fast though - and take too long to get sensible :-) I'm looking forward to puppy tales...

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Awww - how cute. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the advice and kind comments.

I do plan to put her in obedience training, I am getting too old to be able to yank on the leash, and would like to be able to take her for a walk down the road without getting my arm yanked out of the socket. Plus my knees aren't the best anymore:) Glad you pointed out the drooling. I was picturing the pulling babies with a little cart thing, lol. I had originally planned to get a puppy in the spring, but Skip got the urge early. It is working out okay though, I think. She already picks up sticks in the yard and carries them around. When we first got her she was sitting on the patio and as soon as she saw Maggie started jumping and playing. Maggie is the sweetest dog on the planet, and is taking the newbie like a champ. She mothers our cat, and I am sure she will do the same with Ginger. So far, it is an amazingly easy transition. No crying at night, etc. Will keep you updated.

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Oh Drema, sheÂs darling! Will you call her Ginger or her whole name? And is that her own little Santa suit I see in the photos?

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She is So Cute!! Friends have goldens and they are just wonderful. Friends have also had Berns and though they drool just a little, what gets me more is their thinking that they are true lap dogs. Have fun with her, Drema..


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

She's beautiful, Drema! What a great pair they are. Good luck with puppydom antics!


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Thanks, everyone. To answer a few questions, We are going to call her Ginger only. That name was before I gardened, and Marigolds are not a favorite, but it was part of the original name. The red thing in the pic is a throw I picked up at Sam's Club. It is so soft, Skip and I fight over who gets to use it.

I can say you haven't lived until you have removed a stick from a puppy's mouth to save its life, only to find that it is chewing on, yep you guessed it.. doggie doo. Yuck. That was right after Maggie dug into a fast food bag while I ran into the bank, ate the whole bag, including napkins, then proceeded to throw up all over the car, the house... every where but the yard. I can't th ink of the last time she did that. She must be traumatized by the puppy, and is an emotional eater, lol. I didn't know she had thrown up, so got it all over my new gloves, my car keys... clothes to take to Goodwill now have to be rewashed. My library bag... oh yuck. It has been a fun Saturday so far:)

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Oh, she is the cutest little thing. I love the name, too.
What fun-well, except for the "stick" and the reaction from Maggie-emotional eater-very funny, but probably true!

Can't wait to see more pics and hear the further adventures.

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Drema, Ginger is precious. Your pictures make me miss my Keebler. Although he was a mix, he had a lot of golden in him. To bad about the mess Maggie made. She looks like a great dog too. Are they indoor outdoor dogs?
Rebel has been wanting in again now that it is cold outside. Norma

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Something tells me nothing will be safe in your home, Drema. Good news, though, is that she is the perfect, "kickable" size.


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