Too many morning glories planted in pots?

AshleyGJune 25, 2013

I'm new to gardening, this is only my 2nd year. I wanted to create a screen between me and my neighbor with the morning glory, but I think I put WAAAY to many seeds in my pots!

I have one of those long window planter boxes (?) and I have about 20 seeds in there, most are morning glory, some are moonflowers.

I also have a bunch of 8" pots, and I put 9 in each of those, again mixing moonflowers with morning glories.

Did I plant too many, I have about 12 ropes for them to climb on, maybe about 4 or 5 vines per rope when they get big enough.

Are they going to end up choking each other out, or is it kind of the more the merrier as long as the vines are all getting sun? Should I pinch a few? (which I am dreading doing, they all look so healthy with the exception of a few that got nibbled on, and I hate to kill off any living thing, but I have no more room for any more morning glories anywhere)

Thanks for the help in advance, any advice is appreciated!

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I do think you have too many for that size pot. Your plants will become root bound and won't stay healthy. You definitely don't need that many plants to cover the area it appears you are interested in covering. The strings you have will be lucky to support one vine each, if they continue to be as healthy as they seem now.


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I'm going to pinch a few off tomorrow, any thoughts on how many I should have in that pot in particular? I used Jute Twine for the ropes, I've seen that quite a few people have used it with no problems?

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I'd say 5-8 would be enough or one per twine. You could dig up the others and plant them somewhere else. I planted some in a small pot and old souvenir cups.

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