how many zinnia seedlings in container?

indica_2010June 10, 2010

Hi everyone,

I am trying to grow zinnia in containers - how many seedlings do I eventually leave in containers and how many I need to transplant?

1)zinnia (thumbelina mix) - seed packet says plant ht 6" - I have 4 seedlings in 6"(diameter),5"ht container

2)pinwheel mix - packet mentions ht 12" -I have 4 seedlings in container - 7" diameter, 6"ht.

Is there any general rule for spacing seedlings in containers?

thanks for any suggestions

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1 each..... any more than that & will have to water several times a day
If adding more than one plant in a container place near edge of pot.... & equal distant....

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thanks yiorges,

zinnia thumbelina - I have them equidistant on 4 edges of pot. wud it be ok if I leave two of them in that pot and transplant the other two?

and the pinwheel zinnia - they look close now in the 8"pot. Wud it be ok if I leave one in this pot and transplant the other three into a single 10" pot - like a triangle in edges of pot?

I also wanted to ask re - nasturtium spacing in 14" hanging basket. I have 2 baskets - one with 4 seedlings and other with 6 seedlings. it is nasturtium whirlybird mix, packet says ht-12". how many seedlings wud I have to thin out?

Thanks again for any suggestions.

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I have long used GardenWeb, but this is my first time posting.

My mom always starts zinnias from seed in her greenhouse, but this year we just haven't had time to get the garden ready to put them in the ground. She gave me several seedlings that are leggy from not enough sun and they desperately need to be planted! I planted several in a spot that gets about 5 hours of morning light and afternoon shade. My question is: can I put one or two of these seedlings in containers that already have herbs (basil, sage, other sun loving herbs)? Will they be OK or will they have to compete too much for sunlight/root space?

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