My first leak. I need help.

aggieroseAugust 30, 2010

Well, my container pond leaks. Actually, the spitter is leaking. But, I can't figure out why. If I place the spitter on a ledge right next to the pond and the same height as the pond, it doesn't leak at all. When I place the spitter on a ledge about 6 inches above the top of the whiskey barrell, (which is where I want to keep it)it leaks and the water all drains out of the barrell. Why does it leak just because I move it to a new location? Any ideas?

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Well I can only guess that maybe it is the same reason my spitter leaked this year. I have one of the tall crane spitters where the water spits out between the beaks. What took me weeks to figure out was the water was barely hitting the edge of the beak leading to a drip or two a minute leak off the tail! I knew water dripped off the tail but it took an algae trail to find the source.

The fix was simple: I just added a half inch piece of aquarium hose to the spitter output to guide the stream away from the beak. With the water leaving the beak cleanly I had no more leak.

Can you take a picture and post it here?

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Is the hose seated tightly on the intake? If the leak is there, you should get a hose clamp. If it is with the spitter itself, do you know exactly where the leak is? It can be repaired with epoxy.

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