Rose Cutting, Grafting, and Seeds

behlgarden(9)March 26, 2012

I am freaking out with growth that I am seeing out of my heavily pruned stocks. I see massive growth and buds everywhere and some have started to flower.

However, I also planted some cuttings and they are alive and well, 1 week into it and growth is continuing. Goal was to keep it moist and I planted them right into the ground.

I also grafted about a dozzen roses. I used Cleft grafts, and some are hanging on while some are confused, will see if these make it.

I had saved some seeds from last year and believe it or not I had them in refrigerator, in soaking bowl of water, on top of refrigerator, bla bla bla and its been 5 months, today I finally saw quite a few of the seeds sprouting. I also found volunteer seedlings in my planters and when I pulled them out carefully I saw the swelled up seed that was part of the root. This gave me confort that if I sow the seeds out now, it may be a sure bet.

I finally sowed some 24 seeds (that have been in moist/cold condition for 4 months), I sowed right into the ground where there is constant moist condition.

Lets see how all these go. I am sure I might get 50% success in grafting and seeding. I will follow-up in 30-days

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blendguy(Oxford, England)

All very interesting, good luck! I look forward to the update.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Good start! Keep in mind that some cuttings can take months to root, and that new growth may come from stored energy, not from new roots. Good luck with your efforts and let us know how it goes. :)

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Hoovb, agreed, but at the same time you can tell which cuttings lost leaves and look dead compared to the ones that are thriving. One one cutting that is about a month old is now swelling buds

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