Asiatic Lily Questions

acarpenter7June 5, 2013

I bought Asiatic lilies last year. After letting it sit out after the blooms were gone, I dug it out of the pot to replant in the spring but forgot about it. This spring it sprouted MANY blooms. Two large, a couple medium, and a bunch of tiny ones. I replanted all of these and they seem to be taking well.
My question is, will the small ones bloom this year and will they turn into bulbs on their own? Or should i just keep the aside for next year?

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Once the bulbs are large enough they will bloom...& to get larger they must spend several years in the ground
do not disturbe them this year or ...

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A wonderful way to increase your plants but you need a little patience.
Liliums are not a bulb that truly "sleeps" - it should not be let to dry out, so if you need to move them, they need to be re-potted.
The small plantlets will go on to form bulbils and in time become big enough to bloom - just give them some TLC and fertilizer during the growing period

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