Sage Seedlings going limp after transplant :(

semitonesJune 6, 2013

Hi everybody!

I'm a brand new gardener, and I'm really glad to have stumbled upon this forum! This spring, I started a bunch of sage seedlings without really knowing what I was doing. I planted them in small bio-degradable pots in garden topsoil from the garden store, on the kitchen table with the overhead light always on. Nevertheless, some of them sprouted!

After I moved them from college to my family's house, I kept my one pot of four seedlings under a fluorescent kitchen light until they were about 3-4 inches tall, but I felt like they were growing slowly indoors and crowded like that.

I then transplanted them into the garden. Three seedlings went to bigger pots, and one went directly into the soil (mostly clay) as an experiment. I hardened them before planting by putting them outside in half sun for a few days, and transplanted them in late evening.

Unfortunately, the soil mostly crumbled away when I separated the four seedlings, and some of the roots were quite tangled together. I got them all planted anyway, and they looked like this:

Now it's a week later, and one of them is really limp now. I've been making sure the soil has a chance to dry out between watering (sometimes by moving the pots out of the rain), and put the seedlings in full sun, since that's what I read sage likes. How can I find out what's making them limp? How can I take care of them better?


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first thaught were the roots on the one plant damage during transplantion to the point where 60% or more are "gone"?

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That could have happened. It was hard to transplant them. Is there any way to save the seedling?

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