Polwnia Tometosa as a Living Fence

zpodApril 22, 2014

Because these grow so fast I envision planting trees only a foot apart to create a tall fence of living logs or an impenetrable fortress. I wouldn't have to pay to have a tall wood fence built, I just plant it. In sections where I don't want it 60' tall I just top off the tree for my desired height. Has anyone ever done or heard of this?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

one might argue.. that trying to keep a plant with 60 foot potential is going to cost you a lot of work ... as compared to the one time .. upfront cost of the fence ..

and keep in mind.. what you are willing or able to do at this age.. as far as heavy repetitive labor... can become very complicated.. in 5.. or 10 or 20 years ...

i cant even figure how you are going to top them once or twice a year.. short of being a monkey .. and if you have to pay to have it done ... etc ...

i hope you have above 20 acres ... as a plant that can get 60 feet tall .. and i am using your number here ... usually can get 30 feet wide or so ... this really doesnt sound like a project for a 50 foot side suburban backyard ...

i fully understand the budget concerns.. but i think you are living near that river.. that runs everywhere.. de nile .. lol ..

good luck


ps: research topping of trees ... and all of its concerns ... as this is a tree .. rather than a shrub ... though your intent is to turn this tree into a shrub ...

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6 foot wood fences simply aren't tall enough for both privacy and sound barrier. They are very expensive to build and deteriorate.
My plan would to be to top the trees while still very young, if they should eventually die from the stress that is ok and that might even be desirable, It wouldn't be too different than a cemented post in the ground, I would just need enough of them to fill the gaps. I would only allow a few to grow to full height, the rest I would top and trim into my fortress wall.
Searching Living Structures gave me the idea where people use willows to mold into walls and other structures resembling buildings. I just want to know if anybody has done what I want to do with other kinds of trees.

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Paulownias can be coppiced to the ground annually so there is much to support this living fence idea :-) Once established, annual growth can be in the 8-10' range with very large foliage.

The attached link addresses growing Paulownias as a lumber crop but the theory for a living fence is the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: growing/coppicing paulownias

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

I just bought some Wax Myrtle. In the description it said: The Wax Myrtle is an evergreen shrub which provides nesting and cover for wildlife in the winter when other foliage has thinned. Wax Myrtle flowers are unremarkable in color but numerous in quantity. Fruit matures into Wax Myrtle berries during the summer and throughout winter. Wax Myrtles only grow to 15'-20' tall and wide but reach that size very quickly, making them perfect for creating privacy screens in a short time.

Am I going to regret this decision?

Here is a link that might be useful: Wax Myrtle Tree

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The Wax Myrtle got my attention a long time ago. The website above says it's hardy in zone 5 Colorado but my local nursery says it's not hardy here and just won't grow in such an arid climate. I see a lot of times where online nurseries say certain plants grow in zones that is contradictory to other sites or contradictory to what my local nursery tells me. Before you order online check with your local nurseries and in my case plant height will be lower in Aurora Colorado than where the plants were shipped from at lower altitudes.

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

Oh, great! Later I saw a map and I wasn't in it. So I hoped it was a different species.......but it probably wasn't. I got the email today saying they shipped. Best save all the labels and packaging. Sigh......I ordered two or three bridal wreath, too, for a different spot. Oh, I could just cuss! I need a tallish hedge next to the gravel road to hopefully screen some dust.

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Life should not be this complicated. Such professional looking websites with scrupulous people behind them. Call your local nursery as if you are interested in shopping with them, ask them if the particular plants you ordered grow in your state. They will tell you. If you used a credit card you can report it as a scam company and get your money refunded.

I already had words with TYTY, the company you suggested. They already have a history on The RipOff Report. I told TYTY that my nursery says the Wax Myrtle does not grow in zone 5 Aurora Colorado and I asked TYTY if they were sure their information of Zone Hardiness from 4 to 10 was correct, they said yes it was. So I called a second nursery in Colorado, they also said that plant is not hardy for Colorado, so I replied to TYTY reminding them they already have a history on the RipOff Report and selling plants to people in areas where they won't grow is ripping them off.

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