Growing Ornamental Kale from Seed

stephaniesgarden(8)June 5, 2009

I had 2 lovely ornamental kale plants given to me last winter by mother in law. They flowered out and formed seed pots. Won is the red and green and the other is white and green. I only kept the seed pods from the red and green as the white took forever and I accidently ran it over with the lawn mower

Anyways, I couldn't find any information about when to harvest and if they would be viable. I clipped the whole flower stalk above the leaves after all the blooms faded, the pods turned green and then started to darken.

I have hung them upside down and they have dried completely. They are brown and crispy as is the seeds inside. Anyone know when to plant them and how viable they might be?

How long do they take to germinate in a hot greenhouse?

When is the best time to plant...ect?

Also, on my old kale which are about to die off as they have gotten really tall, there are some,what looks like babies growing around them. They have a handful of leaves and are about 4 inches high. However they aren't rounding out like a cabage or kale would...they are just sticking strait up. Can I repot these or no?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for any advise you may have!

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Ok wow lol, First off in order to get true seeds you have to be careful with cross pollination. In other words if your 2 plants were to close to each other the seeds you may have collected may not be true like you want. This happens when you have 2 of the same kind but different varieties of the plants. I hope that made sense. Also if your kale is of a hybrid they for sure will not be true.

Secondly, if the seed pods that were on your plants were still green when you cut them down then chances that they matured fully is very unlikely. Not only do the seed pods need to dry, but they need to dry or mature on a living plant.

Thirdly if you have to hot of a greenhouse then germination may not be good at all. Germination takes place best at cooler weather like 60 to 75 degrees, if I am not mistaken.

Fourthly I am not familiar with your kale, I have always heard of cabbage and kale with your pansies and violas and thought of them to be winter plants, so the best time to plant I couldnt tell ya on that one.

Fithly I wouldnt know either on the plants surrounding your existing kale, but if there were seed pods that fell from the plant they may have reseeded. Just like I said previously though if your 2 different kale varietys were to closely planted though you probaly will not have true seeds. So its very likely that the seeds are from your plant that cross pollinated with the other one. You can always just watch and see what happens, alot of time seedlings look totally different than a mature plant.

I hope that helps ya and Goodluck!!

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