Thyulia Green Giants...

hikertooApril 3, 2010

Tell me it ain't so. Anyway, I've been planting these Green Giants, 10 2 footers and 3 4-5 footers. Little ones are no problem but the 3 bigger ones came in ~5 gal. pots almost the same size as the hole I had previously dug. I did make the holes a bit bigger but not by much as I was in a hurry. My concern is air pockets - I read about air pockets on-line.

I put them in the hole with maybe a 1/2 inch at most to spare. I did try to push in as much top soil as possible between the sides and the root bound ball, soaked nicely and stepped on gently to compress a tad, topped of with a 2-3 inch layer of cedar mulch and wet again and tamped down again. They're in nutrient rich clay soil.

Do/should I be concerned about air pockets? Thanks...

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

did you unwind or cut circling roots ????

i figure you created a clay cauldron.. and the plants will have a hard time growing roots out the the cauldron .. and you are setting yourself up for failure .... in the long run.. air pockets will be the least of your worries ...

especially with the potting media most likely being mostly peat.. and that is totally divergent from your clay ...

in my estimate .... the holes should be at least twice as wide as the rootball.. and only as deep as the root ball.. and many peeps with clay actually plant in raised mounds ...

i would take the time to do the job properly.. WITH THESE CONIFERS .... planting PROPERLY is a little more important with trees and conifers.. than with shrubs ...

good luck

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Good info from Ken :-) And where are Brandon's excellent tree planting instructions?

Not to be picky but check your spelling on these Green Giants..........that's Thuja, not Thyulia.

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OK, I'll re-do them later this week. Thanks...

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

though he is awfully close phonetically about how it is actually pronounced... lol ..


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I replanted today. Raised mounds huh? How does that work? I guess the roots eventually work into the clay?

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