Advice about using praziquantel

donnaroeAugust 8, 2014

Our pond is around 16' across (a circle and about 3 feet deep) When we checked a long time ago, it was said that we have around 5,000 gallons. There are three large koi (about 2.5') long, some a bit smaller, and lots of goldfish. We have two huge rubbermaid external filters that the water is pumped to, with brushes from Japan, which catch a lot of gunk. We run a double UV filter (one bulb is bad and needs to be changed), and we pump water about 6" into the air and it just splashed into the pond. The return from the brush filters comes back into the pond with a return pipe.
I had a sick fish which I nursed back to health with Microbe -Lift's Broad Spectrum Disease treatment. It had a very serious case of dropsy. When I was talking with the salesperson there- she advised that I worm my fish. I have never done it. Has anyone used the Priaziquantel? I am afraid, but they probably need it. Does anyone have any words of wisdom? Thank you!

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Prazi is very safe even at several times the recommended dose. However it is also quite expensive. One treatment for a 5000 gallon pond would cost you $60- $100 dollars. There are less expensive treatments, but they are not as safe.

Unless you have good reason to suspect worms, I wouldn't recommend treating, particularly on the advice of someone who wants to sell you a product. :)

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Thank you, Sharon. I purchased the Quazi already at a local pond store. The container I have treats up to 5,000 gallons. The koi jump occasionally out of the water. Before a storm, they also lay at the top of the water near the air source. I read that they sometimes jump and lay near the surface if they have gill flukes. I would imagine that most things out in nature can get worms easily- ducks bringing the worm eggs in on their feet- etc. I don't know how else fish get worms. I have never researched it. The person at the company was right on when she advised me how to treat the fish with dropsy. It took over a month in a hospital tank, but the fish is as good as new. She said that worming fish is a good idea, as a general rule for health. Have you used prazi- & do you have any pointers on how to use it? As I recall, you mix the prazi in a large bucket and make a slurry, and then pour it into your pond. I am wondering if I should turn anything off?

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