what plants are these?

srp123auSeptember 14, 2013

Is the one on the left aloe vera? Any ideas about the other plant?

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A Hydrangea perhaps?

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

On left looks like some sort of aloe, but not 'vera'

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saltcedar(Sunset zn 30/usda 8b)

Might be A. striatula.

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Yes, one on right is a rather poorly pruned hydrangea.

Cannot imagine those two plants cohabiting the same planting area very happily..........

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Thanks for your comments much appreciated.
Gardengal48 I'm new to gardening any tips? The two were a big mass entwined together so I pruned until they looked separate.

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Any tips.....? Yes. There isn't room there for both those plants. And as gardengal48 says they require different conditions. The 'HYDR' bit of the name is the clue. My preference would be to remove the aloe. Any piece stuck in the ground where there is good drainage should root. The Hydrangea will never be a good shape crammed up against something else like that.

I would now leave it alone until next year to give the left hand side a chance to recover. Then look up the correct pruning for it.

On the other hand the Hydrangea is also up against a wall.. Could that go? It seems half broken down already. If not it may be better to move the Hydrangea after all.

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jacqueinthegorge(USDA 8 / Sunset 5)

Looks to me like the aloe is happy in that spot, and the hydrangea not so much. So I'd take cuttings of the hydrangea, and plant them in some open shade. Once you have some rooted cuttings, you can remove the mother plant.

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ok this a rental so id have to ask about it. Thanks for your suggestions- much appreciated.

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