More yew symptoms

idloveamochaApril 14, 2014

I posted a question about this taunton yew a while back, and got some great responses.

One concern was the planting distance from the foundation. This pic makes it look skewed a bit. The planting is actually about 3' from the foundation. The long downspout extension has been removed, and the splash block ensures that the yew is not getting any excess runoff.

So, previously I mentioned the browning that was going on. I snipped back the brown you see in the picture here. In all, it was probably 1/3 of the shrub.
I looked for evidence of pests. There are none. Spring is trying to break here, and what is green does seem to have the little buds of growth.

However, there is another symptom that is concerning to me. There are a few branches that look green, but the needles look thinner and are not pliable at all. Very brittle.
I noticed these while pruning, but left them alone.

Any ideas? For what it's worth, this was the worst winter on record here. (literally) There is very, very little winter burn on the other yews. They all look wonderful.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a lesson: its a conifer.. which is a tree .. but the word shrub.. though of common usage .. it is not a shrub in my world ... we treat each thing a bit differently ....

anyway ... you cut it all back without waiting to see what would bud out???

i think that was contrary to the suggested provided in the other post????


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I cut back what was brown and obviously dead. The rest has been left. The rest is beginning to bud out.

I am well aware it is a conifer.

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