Choosing a Viburnum - Whorled Class or Spring Bouquet

Rod942April 2, 2011

I am looking at planting a hedge with either Whorled Class Viburnum (Viburnum obovatum, 4-5 feet tall and wide) or

Spring Bouquet Viburnum (Viburnum tinus 4 to 6 feet tall and wide).

I am going to need to keep it more in the 4 foot wide range. Is either more tolerant of that type of pruning?

Is either more likely than the other to have aphid issues (I read some forum comments that suggested this)?

I already have a number of Viburnum Suspensum in the yard and they have thrived, although I haven't had much need to trim them back and have never had any aphid problems.



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One additional question. My neighbors will have to walk between the hedge and their house. Are they going to have a significant bee problem when the plant blooms?

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Broadleaved evergreen shrubs tend to be quite amenable to pruning - a wide variety, including the viburnums, are often used as hedging material and so subject to routine pruning or shearing. Depending on when or how often this pruning takes place will have an effect on the flowering of the plant....excessive or frequent pruning tends to limit flowering and lessen the presence of bees. If flowers are present, bees and other pollinators will be as well.

I don't grow the obovatum but 'Spring Bouquet' is a very common shrub in my area and I've never seen an issue with aphids. Doesn't have the world's most pleasant fragrance (has been described like 'old sweat sox') when in bloom so that may be a factor to consider. FWIW, I believe the obovatum can grow quite a bit larger than the 4-5' so more pruning may be necessary on this selection than the smaller growing 'Spring Bouquet' (aka 'Compactum').

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