Forsythia doesn't bloom

catmom50(z5 Central OR)April 27, 2007

My forsythia is 5 years old, and has never bloomed. It is in a sunny with late day partial shade area. I feed it miracle gro all purpose.

It has it's own water spout, the ground is well-drained.

I have pruned it a bit, but not much to prune. Mostly lots of woody sticks about 1-2 feet tall. It does leaf out, but no flowers.

Should I do a down to the nub prune (& when), or what???

Need help.

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giboosi_alttara(z6 CT)

WHEN do you prune? They need to be pruned right after blooming in order to not sacrifice bloom.

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I have just planted Forsythias , they are yellow now ,what happens next ? do they just turn green and the the leaves fall off until next spring?

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Carrie B

I would also stop fertilizing. Forsythia really generally doesn't need more nutrients that the soil provides on its own.

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I also have had trouble with forsythia blooming and would love to know what my problem is. It is a Karl Sax variety - planted as a long hedge. I must admit to, for many years, probably pruning too late in the season, but lately I have pruned right after whatever blooms appear are done. Last year I pruned heavily and anticipated a fantastic bloom this year on all the new growth. Instead, I have virtually no flowers at all this year! Does anyone have any advice? I've had this hedge now for probably over 20 years and am about ready to rip it out.


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I too am interested in why my 30+ year old hedges no longer bloom. For years they were covered with the pretty yellow flowers, but over the past several years I have gotten a handful of flowers and nothing more. When I force bloom them indoors they are beautiful. The "re-root" no problem. South facing, good sun, no added fertilizer. Do "old" plants need more help?

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In having just pruned my hedge again on Friday, I noticed that there was not as much new growth from last year as I would have thought. I had cut it way back in the spring last year (right after it 'bloomed' somewhat) - so perhaps this has something to do with it. I believe that, in gardening, one has to be the eternal optimist - so I'm already planning on LOTS of blooms next year. We'll see.

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