Please help me to buy Paw paw seed or plant

kalpana(Sugar Land Tx)July 6, 2005

I just moved in sugar land Tx , I don't know where to buy Paw Paw seed or tree. Please help me.


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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Go to local nursery, check out sponsors of this site, go to seed trading forum etc.....

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kalpana(Sugar Land Tx)

Thank you very much.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)


Get a couple of named selected varieties and then also some seedlings if you want more. Most seedlings are greatly inferior in size to the named varieties. I have a 'Wells' pawpaw which came from a nursery in NJ and also a group I grew from seeds. Check back threads in the 'Fruit & Orchards' forum for more on Pawpaws.


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kalpana(Sugar Land Tx)

Thank you George.

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Go to the link below and scroll down the page. You will find a paw paw plant on sale at Park Seed.
Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Park Seed plant sale

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I just saw this post I got mine on ebay a wonderful Paw paw in 2 months its huge this is the ebay sellars name (Wellspring Gardens)I am very happy with everything I bought from him he sells Paw paw and mails them as a pair so they will pollenat each other.Good luck mine is huge now 2 months later its 4 foot tall.

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Of course, getting a named and select form of Paw Paw is ideal, especially if you have limited space or time to experiment. But here, seed taken from bought fruit will germinate, too. I often have seedlings coming up where compost of kitchen green waste has been spread. Plants (except for some special bisexual forms- nursery bought) grow as male or female plants, you only need one of the male if you have pollinating insects (or a paintbrush). But there is no easy way to discern whether you have a female fruiter or a male pollinator until they flower.

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