how to grow dutchmans pipe from seed

willy46(b5)July 29, 2005

any one please help me out.tryed to grow Dutch mans pip vine.had no luck.can you tell how??any special treatments?


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Aristolochia macrophylla , Pipevine ,zone= 6 , sow in light @ 70ºF for slow germ.

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inthegarden_k(z7 NC)

i started aristolochia fimbriata from collected seed and had 100% germination. i started it inside on a window sill in seed starting mix. kept it moist. its been outside in the shade (planted up to 4" pots) for a few weeks now and seems to be doing great!.

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Inthegarden k can you tell me how long it took for them to pop up .I have had really bad luck with these.I soak and plant and nothing.

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fgilles02420(z6 MA)

I wintersowed Aristolochia tomentosa here in zone 5/6 which worked fine; haven't tried other methods, they may work as well.

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inthegarden_k(z7 NC)

sorry, i don't remember how long precisely, but it was certainly within 2-3 weeks, or i would have noted the long start time. maybe you seed is no good.

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annebert(6b/7a MD)

I think the seed may be sort of short-lived. I'm trying again with some seed I got in the spring. Based on Deno recommendation to use light (i.e., don't cover seed) at 70 degrees, that's what I'm trying with all the rest of the seed.

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hi i soaked for 48 hours in hand hot water to start with then sow finely covering seeds place in a zip bag put in airing cupboard as i was told they need darkness to germinate aswell as warm, i was told they take any thing up to 3 months but to check every day after a week i used this methord and so far about 14 have germinated i only placed in cupbard about 9 days ago so i have picked out the germinated ones to put in light and left the tray in the cupboard,where do you live if it is with in posting distance i could post you a few,do email me through as i probably will forget to check in on this forum again Penny

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