bullfrog ID

rsingley(z6a NJ)August 29, 2010

Can someone confirm this is a bullfrog? He(she) morphed in my small pond this summer and has grown quite a bit. I would prefer to keep bullfrogs out and maintain my green frog population. Thanks

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I believe the ridge behind the eye is the thing to check. If it goes around the ear diaphragm you've got a bullfrog. If it goes down the back (more or less a straight line) you've got a green frog. This one looks like it might be a female bullfrog to me. Just my guesstimate.

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rsingley(z6a NJ)

Yeah, it's missing the tympanic ridge typical of a green frog so I'm pretty convinced it's a bullfrog, I just wanted a second opinion before I let him go in a nearby lake.


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horton(6 b Ontario.)

I would agreed with the honourable member from from Vermont on his identification of the frog in question.

It does look like a Bullfrog for sure the way the ridge curls around it's ear (tympanum) and ends there.

On a Green/Bronze frog the ridge runs from behind it's eyes down both sides of it's body to the top of it's legs.
On a female frog the ears are smaller or similar in size to the eyes.
On a male frog the ears are larger than the eyes.

Check the two links below for photographs of both a Bullfrog and a Green/Bronze frog.
You will have to copy and paste the link to the Green frog.

Green/Bronze frog link.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bullfrog link.

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Green/Bronze frog link

Just making the link clickable.

(Horton, I'll be happy to teach you the html code if you like! And yes, I'm an old pal.)

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Is this the Sharon I think it is?? (NH)?
Let's chip in and get Horton an "English" dictionary....where they spell "honorable" the correct way!! :-)). Actually I understand we all need to buy a dictionary soon since there is a rumor going around they may stop printing them (since we can always look up the correct spelling on line....yeah, right). Of course with my inability to spell I should be the first to talk!!!!

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Ha-ha, I didn't even notice his glaring error, David! (Being married to a fellow who calls today "Chewsday" makes me tolerant of such things, I guess; he learnt this stuff as a boy in England, and there's no reforming him.)

Yes, 'tis I, old friend. Didn't mean to be such a stranger! I've been meaning forever to tell you I enjoyed your Netherlands pictures. Must have been a great vacation.

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Thank you for posting the click-able link Sharon.
As for teaching this old dog new tricks, that is very neighboUrly of you. And that's no mistake, glaring or otherwise!

Don't be paying too much attention to the old fellow from the far north. It is getting near to hibernation time up there and he is becoming groggy. LOL

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Very well, NeighboUr, I'll post the code I used to make that cute little blue link. The only thing you'll need to do differently is omit the spaces after the two Green/Bronze frog link

BTW, frog lovers my enjoy this pic from 2006. Maybe these guys should be called Green/Bronze/Aqua frog. I never did get around to showing this guy off to the state herp folks. I'm sure it would be of interest, as the blue coloration is fairly rare. Unfortunately, I only saw this handsome fellow a couple of times. Fortunately, he happened to show up when our friend MaryO was over for a visit, so she saw him too.

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Sharon, Neat frog! Excellent colour! He's probably turning blue cause of the cool weather we're about to get this weekend from across the border. LOL

There used to be a website out there where you could get examples of several HTML codes to help figure things out. Like so many things it has "disappeared" into electronic limbo. But before it went I saved a copy as a pdf document (see URL below)...you'll have to futz around in it until you find the example you want. I suspect there is an equivalent site out there somewhere but probably they want you to sign up for something or other. By the way, the document and it's applications does not help one spell correctly.:-))
Time to get my woolies out and check for inappropriate moth holes!

Here is a link that might be useful: HTML tutorial guide

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I like this one too. Who can resist a "cheat sheet" called "Web Monkey".

Web Monkey

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