free koi (n. reading, massachusetts)

chironow(5)August 26, 2008

Subject: *Free Koi

Name: Michelle

Date Posted: Aug 26, 08 - 12:59 PM


Message: Hi,

I have been raising domestic Koi as a hobby in my back yard for over 10+ years now. (The year before last I gave away huge koi as they were outgrowing my pond that is 10'x20'x2') Before I gave the big ones away though, they managed to spawn again and now I'm left with about 30-40 koi that range in size from 3-6 inches long. They are very healthy. I need to find someone who will take them all and give them a nice home. I live on the north shore in North Reading, MA. If you are willing to pick them up and take all, they are free to good home. Kindly contact me via e-mail if interested. Thanks, Michelle


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Thank you, that's a very kind offer, too bad I'm in NY.

Craig's List may be a better place to find them a new home.

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I have been working on restocking my pond and was wondering if you still have Koi looking for a home. We had 25 at one point and 21 have fallen victim to blue herron. It has been very frustrating but we have finally devised a method to protect the pond from this predatory bird and would like to restore the pond to its prior elegance with suitable Koi.

The pond is 5500 gallons, 2-4'deep and is 100% natural biofilter. It would make a great home for larger Koi. We have had up to 7 out of 25 that grew to 16+ inches. We had some inital success breeding but frogs have put and end to that success. Such is nature.

In any event, if you still have KOI looking for a home, we are in Topsfield.



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You might try to email the OP directly seeing as the message is almost a year old. Doubtful she is reading the boards everydday to follow that old thread.

good luck!

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Looking for koi lost all mine over winter. Had them for 10 years if anyo
ne has any looking for good home I wOod likk to have them thank u

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