Your local sewer plant has some great root starter! :)

wertach zone 7-B SCJuly 9, 2013

When I was working at one of our sewer plants last week they had a potted tomato that had gotten broke from high winds in a storm.

I told them to stick it in another pot to root. They got creative and experimental.

They cut it in to 6 pieces. They put 2 in flasks with water from effluent (the clean but full of nutrient water that is discharged into the river). They put the other 4 in fresh potting soil.

They watered 2 one them with tap water and the other 2 with effluent water.

The tap water plants are alive but suffering. The soil and effluent water plants are already growing like gang busters. The 2 in flasks are full of large healthy roots!

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To me that is beyond gross. I'd never eat them. But cool experiment!

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I didn't want to gross anyone out Susan, sorry.

But the water is actually safe, and everyone downstream that has public water is drinking it after a little more treatment.

I have actually saw a salesman drink effluent water! I wouldn't do it myself though!

The plant filters out the gross stuff just as good as the public water suppliers do!


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Wertach, your experiment is not gross, if Susan knew what was in the river water then she would starve. The plants will filter a lot of the gross stuff but not all of it. Its not surprising that the tap water ones are suffering.

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