Too many shubunkins!

Martha_BAugust 17, 2014

Hello, I need some advice about our backyard pond. It's about 30,000 gallons, beautiful pond with a waterfall that we use for swimming and admiring. A couple of years ago when we put in the pond, we added about 10 shubunkins. Now, this summer that are reproducing like mad, there must could be 100 or more fish in a variety of sizes. Does anybody have advice about how to control the population? Is there a predator fish I can add for a while? Fish birth control of some sort? Help!

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I've been told a single bluegill will take care of that problem. I can't confirm it, as I haven't tried it myself. But I may have to soon!

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Bullfrogs would help.
Love to see photos of your pond

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I have heard the bluegills work... I know the bullfrogs do cause I used to throw in the feeder goldfish for them and they loved it

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