Boxwood Going Blonde Issues

farmboy1(5)May 6, 2013

I have a Boxwood that has one section turning yellow, but the yellow leaves are not brittle and do not seem to be dying . I've attached a picture, but am wondering if this a sign of decline and I should think about replacing the plant.

I've only had it in my yard for a couple years, and last year it was green throughout.

Comments appreciated!



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey ....

dog or winter damage ... or frost/freeze ...

give it a few weeks to make sure it doesnt reflush .... then snip out dead stuff ...


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Yellow stuff doesn't seem to be dead, yet. Still soft and pliable, but we'll see.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it looks.. like it can all be traced back to one branch ...

get down on your knees,,. and see if there is damage to that single branch.. down low ...

if so.. lop it off.. and be done with it ...

and if you dont like what it ends up looking like.. see all that new growth down low ... just lop off all the big ones.. and regenerate this thing ... and make it into whatever you want ...

there is a possibility ... that someone will come along with some boxwood diagnosis ... of some problem i am not aware of..

but personally.. i wouldnt go spending $10 on a cure.. for rescuing a $5 plant ...

is this one of you 'saves' ... thru craig's list??? .... if so.. consider transplant damage ...

what ever happened with your lightpost quandary .. i suggested a new light post.. lol .. and then lost track of the post ...



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Hi Ken,

The yellowing is pretty much all on one branch, but there is no obvious damage. I'm wondering if the yellowing would spread. Removing it will make the bush look pretty empty, and I'd then consider replacing it with something else since it's at the front of the yard.

It was a "save", seen floating in a retention pond with a couple of others by a friend's wife. The other two were on the shore, and are in better shape, but this was farther out and mostly underwater for who knows how long.

I will probably dig it out later this week to replace it with something else.

The lightpost discussion can be seen here:


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