Starting seeds in the summer

lisam625July 15, 2013

Brand new here so please excuse any common sense questions I may have.
We finally bought our first home this past May. I spent April and May getting my vegetable garden up and running. I started them from seen indoors and have had great results.
Now, Im looking around our blank canvas of a yard and want to plant perennials from seed. Cant afford to do it any other way! I prefer to plant them in peat pots instead of straight into the ground.
My questions are
# 1 ~ Where is the best place to put them? I have the room to put them outside in the garden shed or downstairs in our basement.
#2 ~ Do they need direct sunlight to sprout? or should I keep them out of the direct sunlight? If I keep them in the shed, I can move them in and out.
Here are some of the seeds I already have
Everlasting Pea

Virginia bluebells
Pampas grass (the pink feathery looking ones)

Or is it too late to start now and plant before fall?
Any help is appreciated!

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Basement. If you#re really serious about success, read up on growing under shoplights. It's a fun hobby. Peat pots are not good, though, for many reasons. Try to use plastic with drainage holes.

Plants need direct sun or have to be an inch away from lightbulb or they will be leggy. Read as much as you can on the subject. Most people start seeds in spring but you could start now in your zone. Plant them out asap to give them time to grow roots for winter.

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thank you susanzone5. I did some research yesterday and saw how you can also use milk containers to start seeds. Im always looking to be thrifty... we are a family of 6 and im a stay at home mom. im looking around at all the plastic containers I could use. Like strawberry containers.

So you think the basement with lights is the best way to get good results. I'll definitely be looking into that. I would like to have a little indoor area for raising plants!!


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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)


I agree, peat pots are terrible.

If it was me I would sow them where you want them right now. Two reasons for this. First you are in a pretty mild climate. I bet most would survive if mulched. Second, most perennials don't flower the first year. So those that make it through the winter will most likely flower for you next year. You probably have more seed than you need anyways so it won't really cost much to try. Foxglove usually has enough in the package to do a solid acre lol.

I then would set up the grow lights for growing more for next year!!

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