Taming an overgrown yard of a newly bought home

ayersrwMay 11, 2012

I just bought a home in zone 5 and have a row of overgrown boxwoods along a wooden plank fence. I enjoy the privacy they offer, yet they are destroying the fence they are along. Additionally, they are about 20 feet high but are very thin along the base of the bushes. What can I do to downsize these bushes to allow me to repair the fence and see them thicken along the bottom 6-12 inches of the shrubs? I hesitate to cut them to the ground and start over because their height really does offer great privacy.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

w/o a picture.. its really hard to conceptualize the situation ....

when i bought my first house.. it took me 5 years.. to come to the realization that i was dealing with nightmares the prior owners created... and i wondered.. in hindsight.. why i wasted 5 years screwing around with a total nightmare ...

but again.. w/o pic.. i dont know if you are entering a boxwood nightmare ... and should start clean.. or if it is salvageable ...

in said 5 years.. you could regrow the privacy ... with good plants ...

are you sure on the boxwood ID.. rather than privet in z5????


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Luckily boxwoods are very forgiving with triming.
It took many years for them to get that high for you and the privacy afforded, it is definately worth keeping them.
Feel free to either buy or rent a trimmer and trim them the way you really want them.
If the bottom of the shrub receives more sun, it will
grow in at the bottom where you want it.
So, when trimming, try to trim the shrub so that the bottom of the shrub is more exposed and trim the higher parts back. I wish I could put it into words better.
GOod luck with your shrubs, they will grow in nicely this year for you because a good trim will refresh them.

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