Canadian Hemlock Hedge too large

chemicalrxn5(6)May 12, 2010

I have a Hemlock hedge (two seperate hemlocks, about 10ft apart) that have been trimmed into a rectangular hedge about 20ft long, 8ft wide and close to 6ft tall.

My problem is that they are right up against the driveway, making it nearly impossible for passengers to get out of cars. I know after reading many many info sites that i can't hard prune them back without leaving big empty branches. So, anyone have any suggestions? Might it be possible for me to allow the tops to grow out and let them attain a more natural tree shape? As it is they are an absolute pain to prune. Any suggestions anyone might have would be much appreciated.

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

You have the classic issue of someone planting a plant that is too large for the spot. Has happened millions if not billions of times over history.

o You can prune back hard and leave unsightly gaps and keep hacking to keep clearance.

o You can try and let them grow up into their natural shape, and this is a project that will take years and result in two plants that want to grow to diameters that will go well into your driveway.

o Or you can continue to shear as before.

Those are the options I see for this unfortunate situation where you keep the plants.

The other option is to make a heading cut one inch above grade and put in something of an appropriate size.

Good luck,


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

get rid of them

they interfere with the driveway ...

in my world.. one more day long project of pruning them to death.. and your problems are solved..

are you really up to a lifetime of working on these inappropriately sized.. wrongly placed.. nightmare of a plant???

why do you need a hedge along the drive anyway...


ps: and if you give me a penny.. i will tell you how i really feel .. lol

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