starting from seed in windy weather.....

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)July 10, 2009

I live in northern part of the lower peninsula.

The city I live in is called Boyne City.

I plan to start some veggies from seed.

Sometimes the weather has a bit of a breeze. It is sometimes very windy.

My question is if I grow seedlings in breezy/windy

weather is this going to cause them to die when they germinate or does it not matter either way?

In windy weather for young seedlings should I put them in a place where the windiness can't get to them? Basically should I put them in a place where they'll be sheltered from the wind?

I don't want to have them die immediately after they germinate because of not having the foresight to

put them in a place where it's not windy.

I plan to start from seed this weekend or early next week.

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1) the wind MAY cause the soil to dry out & that will impeed germination & further growth
2) In the conditions you describe a "mulch" or other protection may be required
3) Experiments show that a gental breeze & the resulting plant movement produces stronger plants

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