White and blue sage seedlings falling over.

draceaseveriaJuly 8, 2013

I have recently planted some White and Blue sage. I have noticed with some of the seedlings once they hit maybe 2 or 3 inches in height they kinda of start drooping or fall over. What can I do to solve this. I keep them moist by spraying them twice a day. I also just put more soil in the starter pots in order to stabilize the main stem of the seedlings. But other than that I kinda need a Sage Specialist here.

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Could you post a picture? It's not clear what plants you mean by white and blue sage.

But even without a picture I imagine your plants have either damped off or are etiolated. If they are 2 - 3 inches high they should have at least one set of true leaves. Do they? And they should not be sprayed overhead and certainly not twice a day. It is the growing medium which needs moisture not the plant foliage. Are you watering them other than the misting? From what you say I think they lack light and have too much moisture on the foliage. But a photo would really help.

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