IT WORKS!!!!! Solar pump for waterfall/pond.

magoo1(7)August 16, 2010

My water feature has a 50 gal basin and a waterfall that's about 31 in above the water line. Everyone in the Solar World said a solar pump would be too weak to would never happen......HAH! This thing pumps it's little heart out. Sounds and looks awesome....wonderfully soothing....very romantic.... We can hear it from the other side of the yard (seventy feet)and it's not turned all the way up, yet!

It has two 4W amorphous solar panels - 16 in x 14 in each, 211 gph, control bow with timer, brushless pump...both pump and control box have flow control ability. It is set to charge all day and then come on at 8:30 every night (long about the time we're out back relaxing) and go off at 10:30 every night...automatically. Best $150.00 bucks I have ever spent....I'm not very talented at posting pics, but if you e-mail me, I'll send them to you as soon as it's set permanently....probably in a week or two. I'm sooo glad that I was hard-headed enough to ignore the nay-sayers and see for myself!

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Sounds like something my son would be interested in...what is the brand, etc.? Son has a big pump that runs the filter & two rather big waterfalls but it uses a lot of elect. & waterfalls run too fast & so (in our SW desert climate!)much evaporation so he has to add water frequently. He says it would be hard on his $$ pump to slow it down so think a solar pump to use most of the time would be great! Would keep a hole melted in the ice for gas removel in winter too? We are big solar enthusiasts anyway!

Thanks for any info.!

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magoo1(7) Enjoy!

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You say it charges during the day and then comes on automatically in the evening. Is there an override option for it to come on during the day too, such as at weekends and Bank holidays?

Can you send me some pics and preferably a video of it working to :)

Not asking for much am I?? Sorry but what ever you can would be great.

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kashka_kat(z4 WI)

I shouldnt comment before I read all the posts!

Any way congrats!

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