Dicentra eximia from seed.

moconJuly 31, 2011

Does anyone on this forum have any experience growing Fernleaf Bleedingheart (Dicentra eximia) from seed ? I recently collected several seedpods. Should I sow the seed immediately, or should I hold it over the winter, and sow it in the Spring ? I'm afraid that if I hold it too long it may go bad. But if I sow it now (August), and it germinates, I'm afraid that the seedlings will be too young and delicate to survive over the Winter. If anyone can provide any advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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Advise store seed at 40F for 6 weeks then sow within 6 months
Lightly cover seed soil temperature for germination 68-72F Numberoof days to germination: 12-15 growing time germination to transplant 4-8 weeks

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