Kinkgo seedling - is it dying?

Sacnerd(9)July 3, 2013

I recently purchased a new home and it has a beautiful ginkgo tree in the back yard. Before I mowed the lawn (which was in really bad shape), I noticed that the ginkgo had a ton of little seedlings.

Rather than killing them with the mower, I dug some up and put them in pots. My hope is to grow them into full trees.

Anyway, one of my seedlings looks a tad brown on the bottom. I'm new to growing a plant and I don't know if this is normal or stem rot.

The leaves are green and it looks healthy, but the stem has me worried. Please let me know if it is in trouble and, if so, is there any remedy.

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There is a point where a seedling turns from green to a brown stem, or a trunk in the case of a tree. With only a small area shown it is hard to tell if that is what is happening. Al

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