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ljszone5May 13, 2012


I am looking for one or two shrubs to fill in a gap in my garden. Foolishly, I planted a boxwood where the snow slides off the roof and squishes it every year. Took me a long time to admit that wasn't working but finally yanked it.

Can anyone name shrubs that die all the way back in the winter?

Would love to get them decent sized now, that boxwood was about 4x4 and the hole is huge.

Shape-it is near a (big)dwarf alberta spruce so not conical

Color-my house is white so not too light.


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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Annabelle hydrangea can be cut down to the ground without any problems.

Most shrubs don't like being cut down. You should also look at large, sturdy perennials like herbaceous peonies.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

piles of ice and snow.. can suffocate things under them ...

and even plants that die to near the ground.. need air ...

i would suggest you use that area for annuals .. and be done with it ...

also.. i dont know what shrub will grow to 4 feet and die back every year ...

and if the 5 indicates z5.. buddelia is so so in z5 .... and may not work ...


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Callicarpa (purple beautyberry) can be cut way back and mine never get higher than about 3-4 feet whether I cut them back or not. I love their loose open arching habit, too. They are late to leaf out, so the first time I cut them back almost to the ground, I thought I had killed them when I saw no new growth in March. By July, they were back to three feet and wonderful. They are a pretty green, but not a deep, dark green and they have fabulous bright purple berries. They did fine the year we had 56 inches of snow, but that is definitely not a normal occurrence around here.

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Beautyberry is so awesome looking! I think it will look good against the white house. Just looked online and they are available at a local garden center.
Might look good with a hydrangea between the beautyberry and a spirea because the leaves and shapes are so different the contrast will be interesting.

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I have two shrubs in this situation. I have Annabelle hydrangea, which can be cut to the ground when winter damages it, but in years when it is undamaged I just leave it. Spirea will react the same way, so when it has been damaged by falling ice and snow I cut it down to about 6-10", but in light snow years, I just let it go.

I also have a very large old Roseum Elegens rhododendron which really doesn't get damaged by the falling ice and snow off my roof; I don't think any branches have broken, even in years with huge amounts of snow that we have to rake off the roof.

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